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Keep your home warm this winter with these high-tech solutions

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Now that the chilly season is upon us, it's important to make sure your home is warm and cosy this winter.

Temperatures are finally starting to cool and while our winters might pale in comparison to those in Europe, our fragile Australian temperaments will have us reaching for the heater, stat.

With the cold weather set to continue, it's important to know how to keep your home toasty warm using these high-tech heating solutions.

'Intelligent' Bricks

The University of Hong Kong's robotics department has developed 'smart' bricks that respond intelligently to environmental conditions. These bricks can be perforated to allow for the movement of light and air through a building. These bricks could reduce the need to air-condition a building.

High tech heaters

Dyson's 'Hot and Cool' heater is the perfect all-rounder. A ceramic plate runs around the inside ring, which the air flows over, heating up the room. It also comes with a remote control and operates like a fan in the warm summer months.

Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Smart thermostats

Sensibo Sky connects to your home Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your split-system air conditioner from anywhere, and can be set on a timer.

Install thermostatic radiator valves

These valves allow you to programme your heating to come on at predefined times, so you're only using energy when you actually need it. New smart thermostats can be controlled remotely by your phone, so you can arrive home to a warm house.

Reflect the heat with radiator panels

Radiator panels are quite cheap to install and ensure that heat from your radiators warms up the rooms, not just the walls by reflecting heat back into the room.

Photo by Joel Clements via Unsplash

Floor heating

It sounds pretty fancy, but floor heating systems are actually more efficient than regular heating systems. When electric wires or loops of pipes that circulate warm liquid beneath the flooring in your home is installed, warmth will radiate from the ground up. Instead of hot air heating up your house, a floor heating system generates radiant heat, eliminating swings in temperature.

Use Compare&Connect

If you're planning on moving house, or simply want to save on your energy bill, use Compare&Connect. As the name suggests, Compare&Connect compares your current energy bills with other suppliers in your area and provides you with the best deal available. They can also assist you with gas, phone, water, internet, pay TV connections and providers. Moving houses can be stressful enough, so Compare&Connect eases the process for you.

All you have to do is provide the date you're planning on moving, choose what services you want to connect, and Compare&Connect will take care of the rest, so you won't have to endure the winter chill in your home.


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