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Common property investing mistakes & how to avoid them

Investment of any nature is never an exact science and the property market is no exception. Interest rate changes, fluctuations in supply and demand, emotional decision making and changing financial considerations can all conspire to make things a lot harder. However, there are still some tactics property investors can use when seeking the best possible value from their investment. Below are some common mistakes you should try and avoid when considering your property investment. Repaying debt indiscriminately Trying to pay down all your different sources of debt simultaneously can be tempting. However, not all debt is created equally. Certain types of debt come with benefits others don’t hav

Your 2015 Property Depreciation Checklist

With the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) encouraging rental property owners to be vigilant when preparing their annual income tax assessment in 2015, it’s important that investors understand the depreciation deductions they are eligible to claim. Depreciation continues to be an area that investors find complicated and many investors lack the knowledge of complex tax legislation necessary to accurately assess what deductions they are entitled to. This can often lead to investors failing to maximise their depreciation deductions and a potential audit if incorrect claims are made. To assist rental property owners, below are four must-know points about property depreciation. These points includ

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