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Can Property Investment Secure Your Retirement?

The reason so many Australians get into property investment is to build wealth to secure their financial futures. Yet there are plenty of investors out there who become vague when asked exactly how their property investments will help them fund a comfortable retirement. Many of them realise that investing is a good start, but they don’t always have a strategy in place to make those goals a reality. Some may not even be aware of the options available to them once they reach retirement age. So how much money do you really need to retire comfortably? And can investing in property really help you achieve your goal? Wealth building phase The wealth building phase is also known as the acquisition

Old Existing Property or New House and Land Package: Which Is the Better Investment?

Property investors have maintained a long-standing debate about whether buying an established property or building a new home is the best investment option. There are definite pros and cons to consider with each option. Purchase price Buying an existing property offers the opportunity to negotiate on the purchase price. The vendor may have the property advertised at a preferred sale price, but as the buyer you are able to negotiate and haggle a bit until you’re happy with the amount you want to pay for the home. Yet when you sign up for a new house and land package, the costs are rarely negotiable. The land price is set by the developer and the building costs are set by your builder, so ther

Creating Your Own Property Investment Strategy

Investing in property has long been a popular way for Australians to build wealth. Yet far too many people purchase an investment property without really knowing what they hope to achieve. Many understand they need to invest for their future. Some even recognise that property investment might offer various other incentives and benefits aside from wealth creation. There are also those who buy a rental property because everyone they know says it’s the right thing to do. But how many actually create a customised property investment strategy that works for their unique financial situation? Why do you need a property investment strategy? Let’s face it: your financial situation and goals aren’t t

7 Golden Rules of Investing in Property

Many property investors buy an investment property in the hopes of building wealth for their future. However, there are plenty of horror stories out there about property investments gone wrong. Fortunately there are some simple rules for property investing that could help you avoid mistakes and make it easier to reach the financial goals you hope to achieve. #1: Know your investment goals Before you begin investing, it’s a good idea to have an idea about what you hope to achieve. Some property investors focus primarily on the prospect of future capital gains, while others are more concerned with rental income and cash flow. There are also property investors who use a combination of both stra

Top 7 Reasons You Need a Property Manager

Many landlords seem to believe that managing an investment property should be easy. They assume that all they need to do is sit back and collect the rent while their tenants take perfect care of the property. In reality, trying to self-manage an investment property is not just time consuming and demanding. It can also be fraught with danger if you’re not aware of some of the legalities surrounding property management. With those thoughts in mind, here are some of the top reasons you need a property manager to take care of your investment property for you. Finding the right tenant Renting out your investment property isn’t just about getting any old tenants to move in. It’s important to find

Common Property Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Making the decision to invest in property can be a positive step towards creating financial security and building wealth. Yet there are some common mistakes many property investors make that could hinder any progress they hope to achieve. Here are some of the more common property investment mistakes many investors make that might easily be avoided. Analysis paralysis It’s always advised that all property investors spend plenty of time learning as much as they can about property investment. It’s a good idea to understand how your investment mortgage is structured, what rental yields your property achieves, what your management and ongoing costs of ownership will be, and what costs can be tax

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