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Frequently Asked Property Investment Questions

Find out all you need to know about investing in property.

Is property investing on your to-do list? If you’re not sure where to start or if it is right for you, the team at Assured Property Invest would love to help. We offer obligation-free first appointments where you can ask questions and find out more about how we can help you get started on your property investing journey.

What stands out about our service, is the time we take with our education sessions, one-on-one. In fact, our first meeting is all about education and making sure you feel comfortable that investing is right for you.

Our complete system makes property investing simple.  With Assured, you will have access to a one-stop-shop that covers everything you need to become a successful property investor.



Why invest in property?

So many more people are taking control of their financial destiny by considering investing in property as an option to increase their wealth or prepare for retirement. If you plan to rely on the pension in retirement, your lifestyle could dive. Setting a clear goal before you start can give you something to work towards. Property investing can be an affordable way to build wealth for your family and for your future. 


What property should I buy?

Picking the right property is one of the most important elements of successful property investment. Buying the wrong property could be a costly mistake. Suburb, affordability, vacancy rates, infrastructure and transport options are just some of the things that play a part in a successful investment property.


How much will it cost me per week to own an investment property?

If you have been thinking about investing in property but thought you just couldn't afford it, think again. It could be possible for you to invest in property without digging deep into your own wallet.  


Investing in property can be affordable! It is possible to invest in property for as little as $2 per week*, we would love to show you how. 


How can you reduce your risk when investing?

There are a few ways to reduce your risk when investing in property. Having a suitable insurance policy is a must to minimise your risk as a property owner and as a landlord.  Choosing an appropriate property manager to be responsible for the oversight of your investment property is an important element of property investing. Also ensuring you have a safety net of funds for those unexpected events is a great way to reduce your risk when investing. 


Where to start?

Set your goals. What are you wanting to achieve from property investing? What is your motivation?

To be able to achieve your goals, you must first set your goals.



How To Create Wealth?

There are a few different ways you can create more wealth, you can earn a higher income, save more money, reduce debt, win the lottery or invest. More and more Australians are choosing to invest in property to create more wealth both for their current lifestyle and for retirement. The key to investing is getting the right advice.



How to protect what you built?

You should always make sure you, your family and your wealth are protected if the worst was to happen. When looking at investing, increasing debt or making a change to your financial position, speaking with a financial planner and ensuring you are adequately covered should be on top of your list.


Can you pay less tax?

The amount of tax that you pay is based on your taxable income, you can reduce this by having more tax deductions. You can achieve this in many ways including investing in property by taking advantage of various tax deductions such as depreciation and claiming ongoing expenses. Talking to a qualified taxation agent can assist you in identifying how you may be able to pay less tax.



What is equity and how can you use it?

What is equity and how can you use it?

Equity is the true value of what you 'own' in your home. It is the difference between the current value of your home less any outstanding monies owed on that property. 

Equity takes time to build. Once you have accumulated sufficient equity, you may be able to use it for home renovations, to purchase an investment property, invest in shares or for a new car or holiday.

Putting your equity to work from your home gives you the funds you need to start your investment journey.


If you have equity in your home contact us now to see how you can use your equity to get you started in property investment.



What is negative gearing?

Negative gearing is a method used for taxation purposes. Negative gearing is when your expenses associated with your investment property are greater than the income earned from your investment property. 

You can deduct this loss against your taxable income. This method can reduce the amount of tax payable, which in turn, can increase your annual income. 

Want to enjoy more returns from your investment property? Assured can help you leverage a strategy.



What is negative gearing?
What entity should i purchase an investmnt in?

What entity should I purchase an investment in?

Entity is an ownership structure in which you can purchase your property in the name of. For example, you may wish to purchase your investment property as an individual, a trust, a company or a self-managed super fund.  

There are many things to consider when considering what entity to purchase in, such as costs, taxation, insurance and capital gains.

Call us today to ensure you start your investment journey correctly as this mistake could a cost you thousands!

Established vs New Property - which should you buy?

Established vs New property - which is the best investment?

Buying a brand new property increases the amount of depreciation and taxation benefits that you may be eligible to claim or offset against your taxable income. New properties are generally low maintenance and are more appealing to potential tenants. 

Established properties generally require more maintenance than new houses, there is less tenant appeal and rental returns can be lower. 


Talk to one of our friendly consultants so you don't miss out on the maximum benefits available to you. Make an informed purchase decision and speak to us today.

What is my capacity to borrow?

What is my capacity to borrow?

Your borrowing capacity is the amount you are able to borrow from a lender. It is determined by your level of income and your monthly expenses, including any loans. 


Joint tenants vs tenants in common

Joint tenants vs tenants in common

There are 2 types of property title structures which is the way in which you purchase the property title and who has the right to inherit this property interest.

When there is more than one purchaser, it is important to ensure that you have the right ownership agreement. 

Joint tenants is the ownership of a property where each individual holds interest in the property. If one of the tenants dies, the other tenant inherits the interest in the property.

Tenants in common is where each party is a co-owner of the property, but do not have equal shares and interest over the property. There is an agreement of shares between each tenant. If one tenant dies, their interest in the property forms part of the deceased's estate. The tenant will not automatically inherit the property interests if the other tenant dies. 


This is a key factor worth considering prior to your property purchase to ensure you are set up correctly for peace of mind. Speak to one of our team members today to help you with the right strategy for your investment portfolio.

Why Assured Property Invest?

We know property investment



Helping you achieve your property goals is our focus



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Good feeback throughout the process which has made it easier for us as investors.  All the hassle has been taken out of the process.

- Tony & Jane

Very happy, hassle-free experience.  We were kept up to date at all times.  Great House! Thanks to everyone and hope to do it all over again soon.

- David & Amanda

We had a very fluent process with APG.  Everything was done on time.  All our questions were answered and we are very happy.


- Chandan & Sumana


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Disclaimer:  This article provides general information. The information contained in this communication does not constitute advice and should not be relied upon as such as it does not take into account your personal circumstances or needs.  Before making any decision whether to purchase an investment property, you should seek your own independent professional advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.  This content is not to be taken as legal financial or real estate advice.  Information is offered as an example only. Properties are subject to availability.  E& OE.  While every endeavor has been made to verify the correct details in this publication, neither the agent, vendors nor contracted illustrators / typesetters accept liability for any error or omission.

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