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At-Home Day Spa

In our hectic lives, there’s nothing more luxurious than a getaway to the spa. Soaking in a warm bath in a private room allows you to leave the rest of the world on the other side of the door while you rest and recharge. Finding that relaxation usually means going out and heading to a day spa to pay for a treatment – unless you create that super-relaxing atmosphere at home! These days, at-home spa treatment products, including bath salts, scrubs, lotions and face masks, can easily be found in stores. And once you’ve created the ideal spa-like space in your home to put all these products to good use, why even leave the house? A bathroom can be transformed into the perfect spa-like space with

Common Landlord Risks

Property investors are obviously in it to make money, but not everyone is ready to deal with the difficulties of handling tenants. Without the right protection and proactivity, being a landlord can be your biggest nightmare. 1. Bad tenants. One of the worst things that can happen to a landlord is letting an irresponsible tenant through as a result of inadequate screening. Bad tenants can cause you a number of problems, including property damage (deliberate or accidental), rent payment issues and complaints from either the neighbours or the authorities. Some tenants could even just turn into pesky squatters. 2. Broken rules. Irresponsible tenants generally don’t care about any rules you

Property Prices Dip Across All Capital Cities

Residential property prices dropped by 3% in the March quarter, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Data showed that property values fell in capital cities, with Sydney (-3.9%) and Melbourne (-3.8%) recording the largest declines. Adelaide prices fell by 0.2% and Hobart prices dropped by 0.4% – marking their first falls since March quarter 2013 and September quarter 2012, respectively. Values in Brisbane (-1.5%), Perth (-1.1%), Canberra (-0.9%) and Darwin (-1.8%) also decreased. "These results are in line with soft housing market indicators, with sales transactions and auction clearance rates lower than one year ago, and days on market trending higher,

Why first home buyers should take advantage of the current market

When prices are low first home buyers, and even second home buyers, will find they get better value and their money will go a lot further than it would have 12 months ago. Over the past few years the Australian property market has undergone a number of changes that have seen conditions shift. A slew of changes implemented by both state and federal governments, as well as regulatory bodies, have resulted in a dip in house prices, following over a decade of major growth. While this has caused some uncertainty in the market, the current state actually presents a unique opportunity for first home buyers to get a foot on the property ladder. Buyers have been locked out of the market in recent yea

Will the Government's First Home Loan Deposit Scheme really help first time buyers?

In the lead-up to the recent Federal election the Coalition announced the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. The scheme will provide up to 10,000 loans to first home buyers each year and will offer first home buyers better access to finance without having to save a 20% deposit. The Scheme will be available to eligible first home buyers who have been able to save for a deposit of at least 5% up to 20%. This will mean that eligible first home owners will be able to purchase their own home years earlier than they would normally be able to do. Also, they would not be required to purchase lenders mortgage insurance saving them approximately $10,000. The lender would still undertake the full normal c

This is what first home owners need to do to get into their dream homes

Under current market conditions, purchasing a home in idealistic locations can prove quite tricky, especially for first home buyers. Rentvesting is becoming increasingly popular and is proving to live up to expectations. It is a great strategy for first home buyers looking to get into the market when they just don’t have the budget to buy their dream home. So, they invest in more affordable markets and rent where they like to live while their investment is working for them to build up their deposit power. For example, one young couple I’ve worked with, Tara and Martin, lived in Sydney’s expensive Inner West but could not afford to buy their $1.5 million dream terrace where their rep

How To Boost Your Profits With Pet Friendly Rentals

The numbers often tell a different story to what is often assumed about Australia's housing markets. With demand for animal friendly properties beckoning to be met, can opening your investment door to our nation’s furry companions be your next profitable move? “Pet friendly rentals can certainly increase the market pool,” reveals Nicola Parisi, head of property management at Village Property, a property management and sales agency geared towards maximising value. “Generally, this is a good move. Moving with the times and accommodating to modern lifestyles is a great way to increase enquiries and include those applications from tenants with pets that an owner would otherwise not have received

It's time to bust an old property myth

The numbers often tell a different story to what is often assumed about Australia's housing markets. 'Blue-chip’ properties in ‘blue-chip’ suburbs always deliver the best capital growth, right? Actually, the numbers often tell a different story. Typical family homes often outperform flash houses, while average postcodes often record better long-term growth than exclusive neighbourhoods. Don’t believe me? Well, Australian Bureau of Statistics data covering the 15 years to the end of 2018 tell a really interesting story about supply and demand throughout the country. Most people would assume that a world-class city like Sydney would’ve done better than a humble capital like Hobart. However, du

Claim property depreciation this financial year

Property depreciation deductions can make a significant difference to any investment property owner’s cash flow. Despite this, of all the deductions available to be claimed by investors, depreciation is the most often missed. Every property investor can benefit from learning more about depreciation and discovering the process involved in finding out what deductions are available to claim. Here are some key points to be aware of: The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows the owners of any income producing property to claim depreciation deductions due to the wear and tear of their property Capital works deductions can be claimed on structural items such as bricks, mortar, walls, flooring and

Adelaide only capital city to avoid decline in dwelling values as regional areas perform strongly

Dwelling values have experienced their smallest national month-on-month fall in a year, according to CoreLogic. The pace of Australia's housing downturn eased further in May, according to CoreLogic. The research firm's May 2019 home value index results showed national dwelling values were down 0.4% over the month - the smallest month-on-month fall in a year. Although at a broad level dwelling values are still trending lower across the regions of Australia, the pace of declines eased further in May, continuing a trend that has been evident since the beginning of 2019. At a glance: CoreLogic's May 2019 home value index results showed national dwelling values were down 0.4 per cent over the mon

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