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Why landlords need insurance

While ownership of an investment property can provide significant financial benefits, many landlords want assurance that their property will provide a steady flow of rental income. Insurance can ease a landlord’s concerns about receiving regular rental payments when an insurable event happens at the property. Australia’s leading landlord insurance specialists, Terri Scheer Insurance, say having a suitable insurance policy in place can help provide peace of mind if the unforeseen should occur. "Even the most fastidious tenant is able to damage a property, whether accidental or otherwise," Terri Scheer Executive Manager Carolyn Parrella said. This can be extremely costly for the landlord in te

Benefits of purchasing off-the-plan

Claiming property depreciation can save you thousands Investors who are looking to purchase a new property often look at buying off-the-plan. Buying off-the-plan generally means you are entering into a contract to purchase a property prior to, or during the construction phase of a property or development. There are many benefits involved from buying off-the-plan. Some advantages include: Investors have more time to save, particularly if construction has not yet begun. Investors often find that they will receive a cheaper price for the property or development when compared to buying a property that has already completed construction. This is because capital growth occurs over the co

How to save tax when selling your investment property

Capital gains tax (CGT) is one of those ubiquitous taxes that will almost always crop up when you sell something, unless the sale is in relation to a revenue asset (eg trading stock or depreciating asset). The same applies to real estate – if you sell a property, and unless you are in the business of buying, developing and selling properties, any gain you make from the sale of the property will likely give rise to CGT except for any specific exemption (eg, the ‘main residence exemption’) that may apply. Given that CGT is a ‘sleeper tax’ that does not generally become relevant until something is sold, many people do not consider how to minimise CGT at the outset when the property is ori

Property or Shares?

This article highlights some of the advantages of investing in property and shares with you some reasons why investing in real estate can be worth it. The main advantages gained from investing in property are: Capital growth Rental income Degree of control Lower volatility Tax benefits Hedge against inflation Touch and feel it Depositing your money in the bank or investing in fixed interest products does not provide you with any capital growth. If you buy property (or shares), however, you do so expecting that the property will grow in value over time. Rental income One of the advantages of owning investment property is that you can start to receive an income almost immediately. Once you

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