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Tracey Emin's delicate bronze birds to "inspire hope" in Sydney CBD

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Sixty delicate hand-made bronze bird sculptures are now dotted around Bridge and Grosvenor Streets in the Sydney CBD, comprising a new public artwork by internationally acclaimed artist, Tracey Emin.

Yesterday, internationally acclaimed artist Tracey Emin unveiled her touching new public artwork for the City of Sydney, 'The distance of your heart'. The artwork features more than 60 handmade bronze bird sculptures dotted around the Sydney CBD.

The beautiful birds sit atop poles, in doorways, and on ledges on Bridge and Grosvenor streets in the heart of the city.

The artwork is intended to represent the distance between Australia and other parts of the world, and aims to "inspire hope" for city dwellers who many be separated from friends and family.

Image: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney.

“Sydney is big but the birds are small, tiny, delicate, fragile – just like we are as human beings,” Emin said.

“Sometimes we can feel lost and sad, but the sight of a bird can give us hope.”

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said at yesterday's opening in Macquarie Place Park, “These small and delicate birds will provide a moment to pause and reflect in our fast paced city."

“With its underlying concept of global migration and travel, this artwork will particularly resonate with the many Sydney residents born overseas and the millions of visitors who visit our shores each year.”

The centrepiece of the work is a bird bath in Macquarie Place, with the inscription ‘The Distance of your Heart’. The birdbath is located on the site of the Obelisk of Distances, which was designed by Francis Greenway, and from which distances to locations around NSW are measured.

“Just as the obelisk measured the distances of colonial roads and landmarks, my artwork will measure the distance of my heart,” Emin said.

“A small bird on a window ledge is a beautiful thing. It’s very simple, it’s not difficult, but it will make people’s lives in the city go just that little bit slower," she said.

The project was curated by Barbara Flynn as part of the City Centre Public Art Program.



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