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9 ways to decorate with things you already own

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Save money and decorate with items you already own.

One of the things we love best about the homes we profile here at Homelife is that so often, the owners have chosen to style their places with objects they already own, that have special meaning for them. It got us thinking about everyday objects, and how we can all use them as styling inspiration.

1. Tea towels

Yes, tea towels! If you’ve got a beautiful tea towel that deserves to be on display, not on the dish rack, then why not pop it in a frame? You can do the same with scarves.

2. Rugs

We love hanging rugs on the wall — it’s a beautiful way to add texture and quirk to a room.

Photographer: Mark Roper

3. Coffee table books

Get these beautiful books out of hiding, dust them off, and show them off! A vignette of gorgeous coffee table books on the mantlepiece or even the coffee table (!) is a great way to display these beauties. Cookbooks work for this, too.

4. Hats

Got a collection of hats pretty enough to be art? Group and hang them on the wall.

Photographer: Sharyn Cairns

5. Cake stands

Cloches and cake stands are so pretty, but they so rarely get used. Dust yours off and put it to good use. In the bathroom, you could use a small cake stand to display soaps. In the bedroom, a cloche could hold jewellery or scarves. In the kitchen, pop your fruit on a cake stand.

6. Plates

Got a big collection of plates you rarely use? We hear you. Mount them on the wall in a group (matching or otherwise) and stand back to admire your handiwork.

7. Postcards

Get that holiday feeling back by framing your postcards.

8. Kids’ art

Hung in a frame, your kids’ art is suddenly gallery-worthy!

9. Vases and vessels

We’re suckers for beautiful decanters, vases, bottles and vessels. And while most of us only get these out when we have flowers, why not put them on display permanently? Again, grouped together, these look stunning.




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