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Property Investment - Assured Home Loans

Looking to buy your first investment property?

We can help you become a cashflow positive property investor and shave years off your existing mortgage.

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Assured Are The Investment Property Experts 

As a new investor you’re probably wondering how to buy your first investment property. If so, you’re not alone! Many Australians have a desire to invest in property but don’t know where to start or how to go about it. There are many ways to invest in property, but it can be confusing at times.


That’s why, at Assured, we specialise in helping new property investors to buy their first investment home. Our team will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire investment process - from finding the right place at the right price, to  getting a tenant settled into your new investment home. We do all the hard work for you to make the investment process easy, so you have more time to enjoy doing what you love and reap the rewards while your property works for you.


It’s like having your own personal investment property tour guide!


How can Assured help you get your first investment property?

Achieve Financial Freedom with Assured: Own a Profitable Property while Simultaneously Paying off Your Mortgage


Your home is your deposit and fees!

We’ll help you buy a second home without selling your existing home.


It is possible to buy an investment property without spending a cent of your own money. All you need is equity in your current home.


Start your property investing journey with Assured Property Invest. You can use the equity in your home to buy a brand new family home from us, without needing any money up front for fees or deposits—all you need is to own a home.


Enquire today!

An Investment Property That Pays for Itself

Finding the right investment property can be challenging without the right advice.


Assured brings you experience, knowledge and a proven process to assist you in finding your ideal property.

"Before Assured we were apprehensive about investing, but after meeting our consultant we were very confident. They took us through the process & explained everything." - Saju & Deena


Get started today with a FREE no obligation introductory call, we would love to meet you.

Why Assured?

We’re property experts. Our property investment consultants have a wealth of experience in this field. They all have real estate agent qualifications and are licensed to sell property. They know the best areas and suburbs where you can make a profit on your investment.


Many people have thought about investing and tried to do it alone, but never actually taken the plunge. If you think there’s a lot to know…you’re absolutely right!


Some of the things you need to work out if going it alone include:


  • Research areas and their tenant-friendly demographics

  • Work out if it’s more tax effective to buy an established or brand-new home

  • Should you buy in SA, VIC, NSW, QLD etc?

  • Attend open inspections or visit display villages

  • Work out the best loan structure to put in place for your investment property

  • Negotiate a house price

  • Engage a property Conveyancer

  • Work out the best type of insurance for your property

  • Etc


These are all things - and more - that we help you with at Assured Property Invest to make your life easier, and your property investment journey simpler.


We’re property experts. Our team of property investment consultants have a wealth of experience in this field and are passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals by making the right property investment decisions. We all have real estate agent qualifications and are licensed to sell property. We know the best areas and suburbs where you can make a profit on your investment. We know where to buy and what to buy, and help with the entire investment property process.


We can offer you a complete range of services that make your investing experience easy and effortless.


We’ve helped thousands of people buy their first investment home, so you are in safe hands.

No Cost To You

There is no cost to you for using our service. Just as a real estate agent gets paid by the vendor to sell their home, we are paid a marketing fee by the vendor, so there are no fees for you when purchasing one of our investment properties. 



We only offer great investment properties that your tenants will love. Brand new, 100% turnkey-finished, including all window treatments, fencing, floor coverings and much more!

Where are the properties that we have available?


The investment areas that we recommend are spread around Australia and where we focus on depends on the economic climate.

Why do we recommend new homes for your investment property?


Everyone loves having something brand new and tenants will often choose a brand new property over an established home. That’s just one of the reasons we source brand-new investment properties which are fully turn-key. This means all the fittings have been finished inside the property, and the outside is fully landscaped in a low-maintenance format so that your home is ready to simply hand over the key and let your tenant move in. It really is that easy! There are also numerous more tax benefits with building a new investment property vs buying established.


House & Land Package
House & Land Packages

Achieve Your Dream Of Owning An Investment Property. One Step at a Time, with Our Assured 5-Step Property Investment Process


Step 1

Let's have a quick, obligation-free phone chat to find out more about your situation and explain how investing with Assured works. Discover how effortless it is to invest without using any of your own money and uncover the simple process of determining your borrowing capacity to explore the investment opportunities available to you.

Step 2

Meet with an Assured Property Consultant who will guide you through the entire investment process, sharing historical facts and showcasing results from other satisfied Assured investor clients. During this session, we will gather personal information related to your unique circumstances, enabling us to develop a customised investment strategy perfectly aligned with your profile.


Step 3

Your Property Investment Advisor will provide you with a detailed Property Investment Analysis, illustrating the numbers and projections of your potential property investment. This invaluable resource showcases expected cash flow projections, the weekly costs of becoming a property investor, and how it aligns with your financial goals. With our solution, there's no upfront payment required for fees or deposits. We'll guide you on how to unlock the equity in your current home, allowing you to achieve positive cash flow and accelerate the repayment of your existing mortgage. Additionally, we'll explore your property investment options, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of new-build properties versus buying established ones.

Step 4

Choosing the right property is crucial for successful property investment. As licensed real estate agents, we have insider knowledge on the best investment properties and exclusive listings not available online. Our tailored recommendation will include the ideal state, suburb, estate, and home style that align with your investment goals. We'll assist you in selecting home features that maximize rental potential. With established relationships with trusted property managers, we can confidently recommend the best fit for your investment. Assured will handle the entire investment process, ensuring you secure a reliable tenant and deliver a fully landscaped property, leaving you with peace of mind. 

Step 5

Congratulations, you are now a property investor! It’s time to pick up the keys to your new investment home, which is completely turnkey and ready for your tenant to move straight in.

Rob & Tracie.PNG

Rob & Tracie

We found the service provided by Assured saved us many hours by being a 'one stop shop'.  We appreciated the advice and knowledge and working with us to achieve our goals.

Belinda & Joe - Property Investment Clie

Belinda & Joe

We never considered building a new home to rent out, until Assured came along. The entire process was a breeze. Our retirement future is looking so much better and we are excited to do this all again in the near future.

Christian & Patricia - Property Investment Clients.PNG

Christian & Patricia

As a first investment property we are very thankful to have Assured look after us all the way and beyond. Thanks also to the builder who was very helpful.


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Assured Property Group | Real Estate Institute of South Australia Member



Assured Property Group are proudly members of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia and all our property investment consultants are registered real estate agents or representatives.

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