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'Amazon of China' to start selling Australian property online

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Property in Australia will soon be available online alongside groceries, household items and clothing.

A new partnership in China could see international investors shopping for property on retail site, before completing the sale with the country’s largest real estate agent for international properties, Juwai.

It is hoped the partnership will make it easier for’s 292.5 million customers to research and buy property online.

Juwai currently showcases more than 2.8 million listings from 90 countries, but will be focusing on China’s four most sought after countries to live in.

Customers will be able to view real estate listings on the website for the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and Canada. Once they’ve expressed their interest in the property, Juwai will step in and get in touch to move forward with the purchase or to help with further queries.

Carrie Law, CEO of Juwai, said: “We are truly excited to be launching this partnership with, which is not just one of China’s but one of the globe’s most advanced commerce and e-commerce companies.

“This partnership with is incredibly innovative and exciting on one level, but on a deeper level it simply represents continuing to fulfill its core mission of helping Chinese become global residents and investors.

Juwai has also recently teamed up with Australian real estate platform Ironfish, becoming the latter’s exclusive marketing partner in China. This gives the company an extra reach of the 2.2million monthly users currently signed up on Juwai online.

Ironfish CEO and founder, Joseph Chou, said: “Chinese buyers have an active interest in Australian property and the evidence suggests they are still Australia’s largest foreign buyer group. This partnership helps us provide our services to an underserved group that we know can benefit from it.”



This article provides general information which is current as at the time of production. The information contained in this communication does not constitute advice and should not be relied upon as such as it does not take into account your personal circumstances or needs. Professional advice should be sought prior to any action being taken in reliance on any of the information.

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